June 29, 2022
Network-calldrop suffering in hilly areas

Network-calldrop suffering in hilly areas

Consumers and Internet users in the three hill districts of the country – Rangamati, Bandarban, and Khagrachhari – have suffered digitally due to the weak network of mobile operators. It is safe to say that none of the six mobile operators in the country, including Grameen Phone, the most popular mobile company in the region, has a suitable network in these areas. Consumers complain that mobile companies are deceiving the customers by promising flashy advertisements through various promises and promotions to provide better services.

They say that the phone companies in our country are charging almost double the local call charges of other countries. Even then our suffering cannot be accepted. Call drop and network problems have become very evident in the region over the last few days. Customers are not getting any remedy even after repeatedly complaining about this by calling the customer care or customer service number of the mobile company. Many people are forced to use the internet with their mobile phones. Customers have also complained that they are not able to talk continuously on their mobile phones or use the internet. Repeatedly disconnected during outgoing or incoming calls, cutting the line.


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The network was not available on the mobile phone. I was scared that my mobile phone was damaged. It has been a very bad experience. GP’s net is a problem from time to time. But the situation is very bad for the last two days.

The words were uttered by a Grameenphone mobile SIM user named Naeem Chowdhury (pseudonym) on Tuesday (May 25) night. He said this in the light of his experience in using Grameenphone’s network.

He said Grameenphone’s network condition was so bad for a few days that it could not be expressed in words. There has been a lot of trouble to complete the emergency work. Network and call drop is not a new problem, but recently call drop and network problems have become very prominent.

Not only Naeem Chowdhury, but more than 10 subscribers of Grameenphone complained about the call drop and net problem to this reporter of the upcoming news.

A customer named Rashed, who is staying in Bandarban on business from the capital Dhaka, complained that the incidence of call drops has decreased but it has increased again. He said that CalDrop is only causing financial loss but not. There is also a problem with time and speech. But to whom should I complain? This customer has a question.