June 30, 2022
A shining proof of communal harmony in Lalmonirhat

A shining proof of communal harmony in Lalmonirhat

Mosque and temple in the same yard: A shining proof of communal harmony in Lalmonirhat

Amid reports of attacks on temples, the century-old Kalibari temple and decades-old Puran Bazar Jame Masjid stands as an example for peaceful coexistence

One side of the courtyard is alight with Puja decorations and festive music as the Hindus celebrate their biggest religious festival Durga Puja in full gusto. On the other side, just a few yards away Muslims are performing their daily prayers five times a day.

The scenario is that of Lalmonirhat’s Puran Bazar where for ages, two houses of worship of two different faiths have coexisted peacefully.

Amid reports of desecration of the Muslim holy book Quran and vandalization of idols and temples amid the Durga Puja celebrations, the century-old Hindu temple Kalibari Mondir and decades-old Puran Bazar Jame Masjid in Lalmonirhat stand as a shining example of communal harmony and religious freedom in the country. The mosque and the temple on the same piece of land with a shared yard without any conflict has been drawing people from far away.

A visitor posted photos of the vibrant Puja celebrations this year at the iconic place, saying that there was no religious conflict at the place. When the ‘Azaan’ or the call for prayer is made, the temples halt music and the puja mandap’s go into silent worship out of respect for the fellow Muslims, he said after talking to locals and the priest.According to the Kalibari Temple Committee, the temple was established at Kalibari in 1836..

Later, a market started to flourish there when local traders and Muslims built the mosque near the temple in 1900 after consulting with the Hindu.

Locals say that they firmly believe in the individual practice or religion and universal festivals. Till now the communities have not witnessed any disputes from religious differences and celebrations of their respective religious rituals have been going on with cooperation and enthusiasm for decades.