June 30, 2022
Money smuggled abroad can be brought to the country through taxes: Finance Minister

Money smuggled abroad can be brought to the country through taxes: Finance Minister

Money launderers abroad are being brought under a general amnesty. At the same time, in the next budget, the money laundered through the tax will be given a chance to be brought back to the country in a legal way, said Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal.

He was responding to a question from reporters after a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Public Procurement chaired by virtual finance minister AHM Mustafa Kamal at noon on Thursday (May 26).

There is an opportunity to bring back the money smuggled abroad with a certain amount of tax, the minister said, adding, “You will get it in the budget, it will be in the budget.” And what Bangladesh Bank is doing, it is doing before the budget. ‘

Asked if those who smuggled money would want to be on record with taxes, the finance minister said, “Many people in different countries have taken this opportunity.” When such an amnesty was announced in Indonesia, a lot of money was returned to the country from abroad. We believe that those who have taken our money from here will take advantage of this opportunity. This is a very good opportunity for them, they will take advantage of it. We have to try from all sides. This is an initiative to bring back the money that has gone to different channels. Such amnesty (general amnesty) is given by different countries, the minister said.

Documents will not be required for sending more than ড 5,000 from abroad. Asked if it would bring in black money from abroad, he said, “We want to know all the black money that has gone out of this country at different times, from different sources.” It is often asked what is the action against those who have taken money abroad. Through various means, we see that money has gone out of the country. We have said that the money that has gone abroad should be returned to our country.

Asked if there would be an announcement in the budget, he said, “We are trying it before the budget.” We ourselves are thinking, we know that such an initiative will be taken. We do not want to talk about this until the budget is presented in Parliament. When any effective action is taken, it will be from Bangladesh Bank. You will know through the Bangladesh Bank will issue a circular.

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The finance minister further said, “This is an initiative to bring back the money that has gone to various channels.” Such amnesty (general amnesty) is given by different countries. But I can’t give an idea of ​​how much money has gone. ‘

Asked if the decision was due to the dollar crisis, he said, “Of course, it is because of the dollar crisis.” We need dollars. However, the crisis does not mean that our foreign reserves are good. We are still in a much normal state in the Foreign Reserve compared to the neighboring countries. We have seen such crises before. We saw that in 2001.