June 28, 2022
Increased water in the Brahmaputra river, extensive erosion

Increased water in the Brahmaputra river, extensive erosion

The water level of the Brahmaputra River has continued to rise in Fulchhari of Gaibandha due to continuous rains for several days. The low-lying areas along the river have already been inundated due to the rapid rise in water. Due to the increase in the intensity of the river flow, extensive erosion has started in several areas.

Every year during the monsoon season, floods and river erosion occur in seven unions of the Upazila. Hundreds of riverine families are proletarian in river erosion. Riverine dwellers have to fight with nature to survive. This year is no exception. Due to the continuous heavy rains of the last few days and the rising water level of the Brahmaputra river in the hills coming down from the upper reaches, like in other years, severe river erosion has started in different areas of Fulchhari Upazila. As a result of erosion, houses, plants, and cultivable lands are being lost in the riverbed.

Most of the erosion occurred in Katiyarvita, Bhusirvita, Dariyarvita and Jigabari, Sannyasir Char, Anandabari, Char Chaumahan, and Dhali Patadhoa villages of Oriya Union of the Upazila. In these areas, more than two hundred families have already been evacuated. Many houses and croplands in the area including South Kabilpur Government Primary School, Char-Kalasona Government Primary School, and Dariyarvita Government Primary School in Oriya Union are under threat of demolition.

Visiting the village of Katiyarvita in the Oriya Union on the spot, it is seen that the speed of erosion has increased in this area. There is concern among the people of the area. People are leaving the area by breaking down houses and cutting down trees.

Afzal Hossain of Dariyarvita village, which is on the verge of erosion, said, Do not sleep at night, have to live in fear of breakage. There is no place to go with the family, there is a lot of worries. ‘

Oriya Union Parishad Chairman Golam Mostafa Kamal Pasha told Agami News, “River erosion is the main problem of the people in this area. Every year many families lose their homes and croplands due to landslides. Therefore, it is important to take effective measures to prevent erosion.


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District Water Development Board Deputy Engineer Mojibar Rahman told Agami News, “75,000 sand-filled geo-bags have been dumped in the 850-meter-high area from Katiyarvita to Bhusirvita in Oriya to prevent river erosion.” Although the project area is free from erosion, erosion has occurred in some of the surrounding areas. Necessary steps will be taken after inspecting the erosion area.