June 30, 2022
Inauguration of Padma Bridge on 25th June

Inauguration of Padma Bridge on 25th June

Padma Bridge on 25th June

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will inaugurate the Padma Bridge on June 25. Awami League General Secretary and Minister for Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader told reporters after a meeting with the Prime Minister at Ganobhaban on Tuesday (May 24).

Obaidul Quader said, “The bridge will be opened for traffic after the inauguration of the Prime Minister at 10 am on the same day.” He also said that the bridge will be named after the river Padma.

Earlier, Minister for Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader visited Ganobhaban to meet Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina regarding the inauguration and naming of Padma Bridge.

Toll rates are fixed for crossing the Padma Bridge. On May 18, the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges issued a notification setting different toll rates for different modes of transport. According to the government’s decision, it will cost Tk 2,400 for a big bus and Tk 2,600 for a medium truck to cross the Padma Bridge.

According to the notification, 100 rupees for motorcycle, 750 rupees for car or jeep, 1,200 rupees for pickup, 1,300 rupees for microbus, 1,400 rupees for the small bus (31 seats or less), 2,000 rupees for the medium bus (32 seats or more) Taka has been fixed at Tk 2,400 for the big bus (3 axles).

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In addition, a small truck (up to 5 tons) Rs. 1,600, medium truck (more than 5 tons to 6 tons) Rs. 2,100, medium truck (more than 6 tons to 11 tons) Rs. 2,600, truck (3 axles) Up to) 5 thousand 500 rupees, trailer (up to 4 excels) 6 thousand rupees and trailer (up to 4 excels) 6 thousand with each excel at one thousand five hundred rupees plus toll.

Construction of the Padma Bridge began in December 2014. The Padma Bridge became visible on September 30, 2016, with the installation of the first span on poles 37 and 38. After that, by placing 41 spans of 150 meters in length on 42 pillars one by one, the 6.15 km long Padma bridge became fully visible on December 10, 2020. At the same time, other works including the installation of roadways and railway slabs are going on.

The main shape of the bridge is two stories. China Major Bridge Engineering Company (MBEC), a Chinese contractor, is working on the construction of the main bridge, and Sino Hydro Corporation, another company in the country, is working on river management. Abdul Momen Limited of Bangladesh has constructed two connecting roads and infrastructure. The structure of the bridge is being constructed with concrete and steel.