June 29, 2022
coronavirus safety requirements, state news agency WAM

Emirates, Hosn offer new solution to ease COVID travel requirements to EU countries

Emirates airline and UAE’s COVID-19 al-Hosn application have joined-up to ease travelers’ experience when flying to the EU amid the rise of coronavirus safety requirements, state news agency WAM reported on Sunday.

Emirates customers flying from the UAE to EU countries can now use the al-Hosn app to enable the readability and recognition of their health credentials with EU verified QR codes, including vaccine status, PCR test results and the IATA travel pass.

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This Emirates-Hosn collaboration works by customers downloading the IATA travel pass, scanning al-Hosn app’s travel pass QR code and loading the results back to the app.

“UAE citizens and residents will also be able to upload their negative PCR test results and vaccination certificates performed anywhere in the country, without the need to visit specific labs,” WAM reported.

“By using the Al Hosn App, Emirates customers travelling from the UAE to the EU can also reliably demonstrate their COVID-19 health status, and be able to easily enter hospitality and entertainment venues, attend events or embark on other experiences that require proof of negative test results or vaccination,” it added.