Premio Planeta de Novela, a Spanish book prize.

A celebrated female crime author in Spain, “Carmen Mola,” turned out to be the pseudonym of three men, according to media reports.

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The three men, Jorge Diaz, Agustin Martinez, and Antonio Mercero were revealed to be the male authors after they were awarded the 2021 Premio Planeta de Novela, a Spanish book prize.

A pseudonym is a fictitious name that a person or a group of people uses, usually for writing, which is different from their original name.

The Spanish literary prize Premio Planeta de Novela is the most valuable literary award in the world for an author or book, with the winner receiving €1,000,000 ($1,164,750).

The three male authors behind the name Carmen Mola are best known as television scriptwriters in Spain.

After female author Carmen Mola won the book award, the three men went on stage to pick up the prize, revealing that the female name was used as a pseudonym and that Mola did not exist.

Prior to the revelation, the name Carmen Mola was said to be the pseudonym of a Madrid-based female writer.

She was described as a professor and a mother who wrote crime thrillers in her spare time, according to Spanish media reports.

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