British man embarks on 6,500 km journey from UK to Mecca on foot for Hajj

A British man of Iraq-Kurdish origins is attempting to walk from the UK to Mecca over the next year by pushing his home-built cart in time to reach the holy land for the annual Hajj pilgrimage.

Adam Mohammed, aged 50, has already set out for his 6,500 km journey from Wolverhampton to Mecca and has reached the Netherlands so far. Mohammed is expected to journey through Germany, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Turkey, Syria before reaching Jordan where he will then cross the border into Saudi Arabia.

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“One day I just woke up and I said I am going to walk toward Hajj, toward Mecca, which is what I did, and to pray on the way and beg for Allah to give us mercy and forgive us as a humankind, all of us, not just one race, or one identity, or one faith, everyone,” Mohamed told Saudi newspaper Arab News.

“Adam is humble enough to walk pushing a cart weighing more than 300 kg for a journey of approximately 4,200 miles (1,330 hours of continues walking). He will not only be walking and pushing his cart/trolly but this cart, no longer than an adult coffin and no wider than a full human being arms length, will also be his home for the next whole year until he performs the Hajj insh’Allah. This is where he will cook, eat and sleep in any kind of hot/cold weather,” a GoFundMe page set up for Mohamed read.

According to Arab News, Mohamed moved to the UK in the late 1990s after serving in the Iraqi army as a soldier and being captured as a prisoner of war.

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