June 27, 2022
A Bangladeshi man is facing deportation and separation from his son, daughter-in-law and four grandsons after living in Canada for 25 years

Bangladeshi expat being deported, separated from family after 25 years in Canada

After 25 years in Canada, a sexagenarian expatriate is being deported back to Bangladesh on Friday.

Mohammad Mahfuz Alam, a failed refugee claimant, missed just one in-person interview at Canada Border Services Agency, leading to his arrest at his workplace on May 7, reports the Toronto Star.

The agency issued an arrest warrant and detained Alam for four days, despite his regular visits and meetings at the office for years.


Alam fled Bangladesh in 1996 to seek political asylum in Canada and bought a house so he could bring his family there.

According to the border agency’s records, Alam’s refugee claim was refused in 1997 and appeals were eventually exhausted in 2000.

In 2015, Alam’s son Shahid, a university graduate, arrived in Canada as a skilled immigrant.

Shahid told the Toronto Star that neither he nor his father had received any notification for last year’s November appointment at the Canada Border Services Agency.

The border agency’s notice of arrest said the letter had a wrong address but that a copy had been emailed to Alam personally, he added.

Since 2000, Alam has made five failed attempts to obtain permanent residence in Canada.

The most recent one was refused in late 2019, which asked immigration officials to consider the best interests of his grandchildren, as both his son and daughter-in-law relied on Alam’s income.

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Alam now has to leave his son, daughter-in-law and four grandsons, even though he notified Canadian officials every month about his status.

Lawyer Akada James, who represents the family, said her client had always been compliant with the law except for that one appointment he missed in November.